We are dedicated to creating value at each stage of the investment life-cycle through disciplined execution. Our strategic approach is based on these fundamental principles:
  • Investing based on in-depth market knowledge, thorough due diligence, and a deep understanding of both the macro and micro economic environments
  • Implement multiple execution strategies to mitigate risk and create the highest and best use for each investment
  • Build and maintain relationships with leading industry professionals including lenders, owners, brokers, advisors, and other industry consultants whom we believe to be the cornerstones of the success of each investment
  • Utilizing in-depth financial analysis for each deal to achieve the most efficient use of capital
  • Focus on undervalued opportunities in central business districts of top tier cities and select emerging markets with strong fundamentals.



We have a proven track record in identifying undervalued opportunities that other firms overlook. Through our reach and access into local communities and market and backed by financially strong firms from Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and Hong Kong), we have demonstrated a capability to structure, negotiate, and close even the most complex transactions quickly and efficiently.


Our extensive expertise in all types of development provide us with unique insights when approaching each project, allowing us to develop high quality products that maximize returns and minimize risk. With our teams’ vast development experience and proven track record in both New York and China, we have an established reputation for delivering innovative designs on time and on budget.


We conduct complex financial analysis to develop the optimal capital structure for each deal. Utilizing both local and overseas capital resources, we are able to better structure downside protection with added flexibility for project capitalizations.

Asset Management

Our in-house asset management team maintains a hands-on day-to-day involvement in every investment. This includes developing and implementing a thorough operating strategy, overseeing capital improvement projects, and continually examining disposition strategies to maximize returns.